Section Chairman:

Honorio T. Benzon,
161 E. Chicago Ave, Apt 48F
Chicago, IL 60611 USA
T: 312 926 8369

 E: hbenzon@nmff.org

Section Vice-Chair:

Amitabh Gulati,
Dept. of Anesthesia
1275 York Ave, M-308
New York, NY 10065 USA
T: 212-639-6851; M: 972-897-0415
E: amitabhgulati@yahoo.com


Esther Benedetti,


Aaron Calodney,
PO Box 130459
Tyler, TX 75713-0459 USA
T: 903-360-7211
E: aaroncalodney@me.com


Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Pain Practice

♦ Spine Institute Northwest
Bothell, Washington, USA
   Director: Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD, FIPP

♦ University of Washington Center for Pain Relief
Seattle, Washington, USA 
   Director: Alex Cahana, MD, FIPP

Multidisciplinary Clinical Pain Practice

♦ Interventional Pain and Physical Medicine Clinic   
   Sartell, Minnesota, USA
   Director: Thomas C. Kowalkowski, DO, FIPP

♦ Neuro Pain Care   
   Manhasset, New York, USA
   Director: Vikas Varma, MD, FIPP

♦ Pain Management Division of the Department of 
   Anesthesiology, University of Cincinnati
   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
   (Former) Director: Hammam Akbik, MD, FIPP

♦ Pain Physicians NY
   New York, New York, USA
   Director-Founder: Leonid Reyfman, MD, FIPP

♦ Utah Center for Pain Management and Research, Inc.  
   DBA Nexus Pain Care

   Provo, Utah, USA.  
   Director: Richard M. Rosenthal, MD, FIPP

Clinical Pain Practice

♦ ACME Pain Care
   Algonquin, Illinois, USA 
   Director: Vikram B. Patel, MD, FIPP

East Louisville Interventional Pain Specialists, PLLC
   Louisville, Kentucky, USA 
   Director: Bill W. Haney, MD, FIPP, DABIPP, DABPM

Clinical Pain Practice Specializing in Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes

The Pain Center USA PLLCC
   Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and Warren, Michigan, USA 
   Director: Rajendra Bothra, MD, FIPP

epp award

WIP Section Report: USA

Dear Craig and Colleagues,

I am humbled to have such great support from the WIP.  Since I was a fellow, I have admired the education and leadership of the faculty that have embraced the WIP culture.  I am proud to be among such motivated professionals and hope I can continue to work with all of you in many future endeavors. 

Regarding the inaugural ICPS (Interventional Cancer Pain Symposium) at MSKCC, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for both the conference curriculum and cadaveric workshop.  We had over 180 registered participants with 36 workshop attendees.  We are the third largest conference ever hosted at MSKCC (number 1 being a Rank L conference). 

As a result, we intend to have a more thorough workshop, including enhancing the representation of neurosurgery, radiology, and rehabilitation disciplines in 2018 (September 7-8).  In two years, we hope to build on this with a larger cancer pain symposium.  While I know September is a competitive time for conferences, my choices are limited and all future MSKCC conferences will be the weekend (or weekend after) after the American Labor Day celebration.  

As Dr. Benzon alluded to, collaboration is important and we have great colleagues at Weill Cornell School of Medicine and could potentially expand the curriculum to chronic pain medicine (perhaps with a focus, for example neuropathic pain syndromes).  We hope the WIP could be integral in this process.  

Nonetheless, your support and guidance is always appreciated.  

See everyone soon,